Be Valiant For The Truth (Part I)

The word “Valiant” simply means being very brave, bold, courageous, valorous, lionhearted, greathearted, gallant and so on. As a soldier of Christ we are expected to possess these qualities, if we must make it to the throne.

The world with her courage, strength, diplomacy, tracts, money and whatever as an experienced truth killer has thrown man’s church does and stayed on top while the church people go on singing their defensive songs.  This is where you want to remain and make heaven.   Let me give you some examples of people who were valiant for the truth so their exemplary life might inspire us to stand up for the truth.  I want to take one or two examples from the Old Testament as our today’s study, as i trust the Holy Spirit to have His free course.

Old Testament examples.

MICAIAH: We all know the story of Michaiah in the book of 2 Kings 18:13; 16- 27. Michaiah was valiant for the truth. He was because of that disowned by organized “Body of ministers” and “the leadership of Israel”.  Ministers dissociated themselves from Micaiah because he was talking as if he was a confidential secretary of God.  When all the ministers, over 400 of them, has sold themselves over to Jezebel’s organization and yet maintaining their status as Ministers of God under Ahab, they became lying prophets. Ahab would ask them for messages from the Lord and they would run around prophesying lies to the nation of Israel as some do today to our nations.  They were valiant for lies and not for the truth.  Micaiah was just one man; one truth preacher among over 400 lying preachers.  People would say, you people preach that many church members would not go to heaven.  Yes! That is true.  You say millions upon Millions Church members are not Christians.  That is right.  They are in the outer court; they are the world that invaded the church.  You ask: are you the only Christians? No! I am are not.  I dare not claim that.  But you are against the church No.  Rather we are against the world in her. Search the scriptures from Old to the New Testaments, see how God saves people.  During the time of Noah, the world then was thickly populated but only 8 people got saved and delivered from destruction; in the densely populated city of Sodom and Gomorrah only 3 were saved- Lot and his 2 daughters; only two out of the three million people that came out of Egypt as God’s people made it to the promised land- Joshua and Caleb: only 300 people out of 32,000 Gideon congregation met God’s approval as overcomers.  We can go on.  You name it.  The truth remain that many are called but few are chosen by God.  It is not the multitude.  God is not after multitudes but willing hearts; people who will dare stand for the truth.  I am pressing on myself.  Do not think what I am saying, I have perfected in it.  I am earnestly asking God to help me to stand up for the truth.  You should earnestly ask Him too, so Micaiah stood alone for God.  Ministerial bodies dissociated themselves from him. They disowned him. They withdrew his clergy title if he ever had any.  They took their ministerial credentials back from him and began to blackmail him.  He was hated. Ahab personally declared that he hated him because he never prophesied goody goody for him.  But why should a wicked man expect a man of God to deceive him with goody goody prophecy? God himself asks His servants to say to the wicked that it shall not be well with him.  To say the contrary is a violation of the word of God.  You see! A man valiant for the truth.  Because of that Micaiah was imprisoned and made to eat the bread of affliction. At the end the truth triumphed over falsehood.  Why do people like deceit?  A minister who did not go beyond secondary school would go about seeking for doctorate honours.  When he is invited to preach, they mess him up with endless introductions when he had never healed an ant.

As you stand up for the truth, you may lose your jobs, positions and reputations.  You may be called names, and asked whether “are we not all Christians?” if all these things begin to happen, will you still stand up for the truth? Will you still follow? Hello? May God help us. View to read more on this by tomorrow. The Lord bless you.



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  1. January 28, 2017 @ 9:09 pm Udokim Ifiok

    Thank you so much Melissatremo and God bless you. Cheers

  2. January 13, 2017 @ 9:06 pm AngelaCuple

    You always do the right thing. God Bless you.
    Thank you

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