THE MOTIVE OF PRAYER (Hannah’s scenario)

THE MOTIVE OF PRAYER (Hannah’s scenario)

Have you ever seen people cry and pray in church that you stop praying for yourself and begin to tell God to please answer their prayers? I have personally seen that before I walked into church one day and saw a lady crying at the altar, she was sobbing and praying at the same time, her voice was so heavy and she was sniffing and weeping softly, mehn i was broken and i quietly told God, whatever it is, Just do it for her, please do it for her.

Hannah was married in the bible and she had no child while Peninnah the other wife of Elkannah was giving birth anyhow, even if she uses birth control,  she’s pregnant, she is’nt ovulating, hello..she’s pregnant again. She had plenty kids and she began to taunt Hannah. Now imagine Hannah at Shiloh, or at Redemption camp or at Mountain of fire praying and crying to God, you’d ask God to please fix her issues fast, but God didnt.

I bet whenever Peninnah’s children misbehaves and do something silly and Hannah beats any, Peninnah will just jump to their defense and say abeg oo, dont beat my children oo, do you know what it takes to have a child, have you ever being pregnant, do you know what it took me to push a baby out?

This evil taunting provoked Hannah to cry more to God for a child and her motive obviously was probably to reply Peninnah that she can also bare a child, it would have been a fertility contest and she probably would have raised a child waywardly because she would have thought that having a child is just a norm and forgetting that it is a responsibility towards filling the earth with right persons to make the world better.

So despite her crying and prayer points, no response from God, does it make God wicked? No!!! He was probably saving the world from a disaster, if you doubt me, ask Hezekiah that brought forth a son by force who eventually led Israel into captivity for a long while. Same way some kids are born and they became a curse even to this world.

All you desire and seek, what is the motive? Do you want to prove a thing? Do you want to oppress another or join the pepper dem gang?

Back to the Hannah story..

When Hannah’s motive changed, she prayed ONCE and God answered AT ONCE. She now told God she wanted a child who would better the society, cos the Israel society then was messed up. She now wanted a child who would be so relevant in helping others, making lives better, improving the conditions of people, and being a blessing. Her motive was so right that she didn’t have time for bragging rights, she left the child when fully nursed and weaned in his place of purpose and assignment.

Why do you need a house, a car, a degree, wealth, a wife, a child, a a husband, a position?Our motives are so wrong that no matter your crying and fasting and prayer plus going to shiloh every year  yet no show. A man driving and splashes you water, you just say i will buy a car in this life and do same other.

Police embarrassed you on the road and you swear that when you are done with school, you will go and do short service in the army and come back to deal with any misbehaving police on the road. You see some anointed men of God wield so much physical and spiritual influence, you begin to fast and pray and read books plus listen to messages so that you can pass and people will fall on the ground under the so okay

Cravings are good, desire is wonderful and ambition is cool. But God didn’t create you for your ambition or to pepper anyone or show off, He made you to be yourself and all you can be all for His purpose which is to better this world – bringing Heaven on Earth. Check your motive, then other things will fall in place.

God bless you real Good.


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