An Overcomer Must Be A Forgiver

An overcomer must Be a forgivers,if you are one who aspires to be a part of the remnant who will not be sold into bondage at the end if this age, you must know and practice the Law of Jubilees in your own personal life if not, you will be sold into a kind of captivity, and like Israel under Moses, you will “die in the wilderness” (Num. 26:65) without receiving the promised inheritance in the first resurrection, you will not necessary die physically, but you will not inherit life in the “Barley Harvest”> you may inherit a land inheritance in the Kingdom, but you will not receive the “land” inheritance lost in Adam-the glorified body.

Those who are not glorified at this first appointed time must await a later resurrection at the close of the tabernacles age.The remnant of overcomers is not a group of supper-spiritual supermen and superwomen; it does not require great intelligence or great spirituality to become part of this group. (Please, no stones just yet!) You do not have to be a great prophet, or win thousands of souls for Christ, or perform great miracles.  There is only one requirement: learn to forgive your debtors. The key is obedience to the law of jubilee. We are told in Matthew 6:14-15.

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your trespasses, your heavenly father will also forgive you.

But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your father forgive your trespasses.

 Paraphrasing this, if you practice the jubilee principle toward others, God will do the same with you. And particularly at the end of the final 490 year grace period of the church, when he reckons the accounts of the church, those who cancel all debts of others will be released of all their own debts, that they may return to their true inheritance- Transfiguration and immortality- in the first resurrection. The biblical patterns of Israel’s feast days indicate that the resurrection will occur at the feast of trumpets of some year, even as Passover prophesied of Jesus crucifixion, and Pentecost foretold of the spirit’s coming in Act 2.

      The Church Age

We do know that the church age lasted 40 Jubilee, from 33 AD to 1993 AD. This is also four periods of 490 years. The church’s critical moment of visitation thus came in 1993 AD, at which time they were disqualified, and the mandate to bring forth the kingdom was passed to the overcomers. But we are getting far ahead of ourselves.

Old Jerusalem’s history is the patter toward the new Jerusalem. Old Babylon’s history is the pattern toward Mystery Babylon in our day. If you want to be part of the remnant company of overcomers, read Jeremiah 34 and Matthew18. this is what these passages are all about.

Jerusalem was ungodly all their days. They stoned the prophets and setup idols in their hearts continually. Yet when it came to the end of their Grace period, it all came down to one issue: would they release all those who had wronged them? Would they do like Jesus did on the cross, paying, “father, forgive them”? Would they do as did Stephen, the first martyr, who as he was being unjustly stoned, prayed, “Lord, lay not this sin to their charge” (Acts 7:60)?

In Matthew 6:12, Jesus taught us to pray, “And forgive us our debts” [transgressions] as we forgive our debtors [those who transgress against us]. Those who sin against us are indebted to us, according to God’s law. We are their creditors. If we retain their sins against us, they are retained; and if we release their sins, they are released (John 20:23)

In other words, if we insist upon pressing charges against those who wrong us, God will back us as our attorney (parakeet, 1 John 2:1), because the law is always on the justice. If we decide to drop all charges and forgive the offenses of others, God will drop all charges against them as well. When Jesus and Stephen dropped all charges, these were not just empty words. They were spoken as decrees in the court of the highest heaven, and God did indeed drop all charges.

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God is really teaching us that without forgiveness we should forget about the issue of overcomer and being a remnant.

God bless you.


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