Forgiveness Before Prayer (Part 1)

Let us consider some scriptures as we proceed on  what the Lord will have us  look at in order for our prayers to be answered. Hear what our Lord Jesus  Christ says to you and me as those who are journeying to the kingdom of God.

“And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have anything against any, that your father also, who is in heaven, may forgive you your trespasses. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your father, who is in heaven, forgive your trespasses” – Mk. 11: 25, 26.

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me” – Psalm 66:18

Heaven has spoken and you must hear this.  You could see that I had almost concluded these teachings on prayer in the last teaching,.  My intention as you read this article is to lead you to the actual praying “until” you pray through.  But the Lord spoke to me as i was spending time in His presence and said:

“There is one more thing- “forgiveness”  Teach my people to forgive and release those they had locked up in their hearts, that I might hear, answer and heal them”.  He had earlier given me the above passages of scripture during my night watch.  I thought they were for me alone but not until He brought them back to my mind as I began to pray.  We may effectively prepare and even line up ourselves in praying according to His will, but if we do not deal decisively with the issues of sin and forgiveness, the Lord will not hear us as the Psalmist rightly put it. Listen!  We must deal with the issue of unforgiving spirit squarely.  Unforgiveness comes as a result of our carrying the hurts and wounds inflicted upon us by others especially our love ones in the past with a vow never of forgive them.  We are hurt, wounded, bruised and disappointed often by our husbands, wives, parents, relatives, friends, etc.  The wounds are real and grievous that we lock up the offenders in our hearts and find it extremely difficult to forgive. Remember when you harbour hatred in your heart, you are already living in sin no matter how you shout and jump up in  prayer  service you are still in SIN. And  SIN is SIN no matter how you explain it to suit your behaviour and conduct it is still sin. So it is high time that you started praying and ask God to come to your rescue.

Prayer Of Forgiveness: 

“Dear Jesus, Please forgive me! I am sorry for the wrong things I have done. I am tired of the guilt of holding people in my heart I don’t feel good by doing this. I need to feel hope again. Please clear my record and give me a new start in life. I will follow You today and  forgive others as you always forgive me In Jesus’ name, amen!”

May the Lord grant us grace not to hold any man in our hearts but rather forgive them with all our hearts in Jesus mighty name. Amen.



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