Fear Is A Lifetime Sentence – The Fearful Cannot Take The Kingdom.

Fear  A Life time Sentence – The Fearful Cannot Take The Kingdom..

 The Power of disagreement (ability to resist/oppose) is the first thing in taking the kingdom. The Lord wants to deal with the issue of fear in us now, if not the kingdom we are talking about is very far. Heb 2:1-He is a faithful high priest because He also feared in the day of His flesh when He offered prayers and strong cry unto Him who was able to deliver Him from the power of dead. No matter how high we are, if fear is not dealt with then we are in a life time of slavery. Whether the fear of death, devil whatever, fear is a life time sentence. The Lord wants to deal with this fear because it cripples. Jesus was afraid to disobey the heavenly vision; the way of God; according to the will of the father. When we have this fear it is impossible to deal with what God wants us to deal with. We need to ask the Lord to help us deal with fear. The wickedness of this land has reached  God therefore, we must judge this land,but before that we must offer strong cry to God so that we can be delivered from the power of fear.

1 John 3:8 says  He that committeth sin is of the devil, for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.

 Christ came to destroy the power of death,sickness and fear because fear is the opposite of faith. Without faith we cannot please God. The devil knows when we pray the prayer of fear, he finds his property in us which is fear. With this property you cannot prevail against him. This similar drama was played in the time of Gideon, when the Midianites were kicking the Israelites of God around anyhow and they were so afraid to say NO ! to the maltreatment until Gideon showed up. The Midianites  here speaks of strife/contentions, intimidation, fear. They always covered the land and ate up the harvest. The Israelites where impoverished. The Lord said he was displeased with them because he commanded them not to fear their gods, he said he had therefore given them up to the contentions of their carnality.

Definition of Fear: False evidence appearing real. Rom 4:16-22, Heb 12:11 Abraham as an example of faith. The first thing about righteousness is that we must believe God. Whatever God says to you is not a promise it’s done. Once he speaks it is done, not a promise. All we need to do is to hear him speak. If we are going to be righteousness we must against hope believe hope. It is not the condition of your body or mind but the condition of the Word of God. The way to counteract unbelief is to continually give glory to God. Abraham kept giving glory to God. The righteousness we talk about is about faith, faith that Jesus died for you even though you dint see him die and it became a reality in our lives. Call forth things that be not as though they were, call forth your blessings – give them names. Start saying it, tell people about that Gods word over your life. Walk by what you have heard. He is the last minute.com God! There is no shame in faith. Faith is crazy so you have to be crazy. The Lord acts not in our highnesses but because we speak His word, we believed His word like Abraham. God still works miracle but He looks for a people who are not ashamed. The place of your refusal is the place of your acceptance, the opposite of your fear is your favour.

May the Lord deliver us from the spirit of fear and grant us the spirit of boldness and of sound mind in Jesus mighty name Amen. Shalom!

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