Let us look at the parable of Jesus spoken about the 10 virgins who were waiting for the groom arrival. In this parable 5 of them were wise and the other 5 were foolish and what characterized their foolishness was simply because, THEY HAD NO EXTRA OIL IN THEIR VESSELS. Now, I am going  to digress a little from what you often known this parable to be in order to drive  home the  fact  embedded in this parable. I believe somebody’s got to see this point I am making.

Now, the virgins here in my twist are not and do not refer to sisters who have never ‘known’ a man or brothers who have never ‘slept’ with a woman. Yeah! traditionally speaking, that’s who a virgin really is but in this context I am referring to me and you whom Christ has cleansed from filth and clothed us with purity and making us righteous on the one hand and on the other hand we have taken it upon ourselves not to consciously frustrate the grace of God by renouncing the unfruitful works of darkness. But that’s not the concern for now. Our burden is on having or not having the extra oilin our vessels.

                     What Is This ‘Extra Oil’?

I will call it moral excellence. I do this deliberately. You’ll agree with me that, it’s fashionable in today’s world to make a claim that one is born – again and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes while ministering to youngsters, I often put a question out to them to ascertain the numbers of those born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. To my utter amazement, everyone will say that they are. Hmmm! Be sure! We all can’t be filled with the Holy Ghost and have a dead church. Haba! Filled with the Holy Ghost and you are lukewarm? You don’t attend meetings; when you do, it’s a whole big deal and your presence and impact is not felt. Your best companies are unbelievers, your hobbies are listening to secular music and watching erotic movies.

The ‘extra oil’ I am talking about is what Peter the Apostle in his epistle in called VIRTUE.

…giving all diligence, effort, carefulness then ADD to your FAITH, your  believe, VIRTUE, that is moral excellence.(1Peter 1:5)

Peter noticed that believers are lacking that ‘extra oil’ besides several other things he mentioned.

That you’re born-again and filled with Holy Spirit yet, you are  arrogant, proud, you nag, very impatient, self-centred, thoughtless, a snob, a talebearer, a slanderer, you gossip, you’re so dirty with poor hygienically values, then you’re lazy, purposeless without a Godly vision of your destiny, without Godly standards. You’re ‘born-again’; no doubt,Tongue speaking, Holy Ghost filled yet all these or some of these have become your permanent nature and disposition. In Jesus’ word, He said you are a ‘foolish virgin’ yeah! because you hear such as, “this is me, you can’t change me. God loves me this way and you can’t do anything about it. If you can’t accept me this way or love me like this then forget it.” Haven’t you met such persons?

You are a virgin no doubt but Jesus says you are foolish because you LACK the EXTRA OIL IN YOUR VESSEL (SOUL) and you careless to do something about it and blame your woes on Satan, demons and ancestral spirits and sometimes you even blame people. Peter said, ADD. We must add up the things that are lacking. The consequence therefore if we refuse to take scriptural counsel will be like what was told in the parable; you stand the chance of losing, missing the arrival of the bridegroom, whatever that means- a blessing, a marriage proposal, a good job, an opportunity, an anointing just whatever it may mean to you.

Should you even attempt to ‘grasp’ the opportunity, breakthrough, marriage, proposal or whatever it is without having the ‘extra oil’ in your vessel, I bet you, you’ll make a mess of yourself.

The Lord bless you and give you understanding as you take this important piece to heart. Looking forward to seeing you becoming a wise virgin in Jesus name Amen!  Shalom.



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