Extra Oil Makes The Difference (Part 2)

We want to introspectively look at  the part 2 of  our meditation: THE EXTRA OIL.  Don’t you know supposedly ‘born-again spirit filled brethren whose marriages are in disarray? It is the sign of the lack of ‘extra oil. The sooner we see it and come to terms with it, the better for us.

The necessary ingredients that make marriage sweet is lacking. Such couples need to do all diligence, effort to add virtue which I call moral excellence to their faith and marriages. You can’t look down on your spouse and make your home a debate table of who is right or wrong. The issue should be what is wrong and not who is wrong. Your temper, your pride, ingratitude and the rest are clear evidences of the lack and the need for the ‘extra oil.’

You can’t raise your hand on your wife and beat her; it is a sure sign that you lack the ‘extra oil.’ You can’t be ranting and speaking back to your husband; you must have the last say and expect the marriage to be well. Big lie! You can’t be indecent in your dressing and wish a responsible man to approach you and talk to you or propose to you. You lack manners, you don’t greet and show respect, you don’t relate freely among brethren, always seeking special attention.

You have a problem; ‘extra oil.’ If you don’t do something about it before it’s too late, it will land you where you don’t expect. You are crafty, tell a lot of lies. You even forget the last lies you told only to complicate issues for yourself. When you’re caught, you invent another lie to defend the first lie. You’re a virgin but Jesus is saying, you’re foolish you need extra oil.

Brethren, I came to that point in my life that I for once owned up that I am foolish. Blessed beyond measure more than most of my peer but somehow I missed it and somewhat became too confident of myself and my ability and God allowed me to see my foolishness, that I lacked ‘extra oil.’ What you see of me now is the recovery. God is faithful.

I have good news for you. There’s actually a place to buy oil. The word ‘buy’ implies exchange. You have to let go something and get another of more value. You must see that the new is better, if not so, you won’t see a need to let go the former. It is a ‘putting off’ and ‘putting on affair.‘ Put off the old man, its fruitless works. Put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge. (GK- Epignosis: accurate and precise knowledge). The knowledge of His will, the knowledge of God renews us and makes us better people, useful to ourselves and God. Refuse to remain the way you are. ADD to your faith, moral excellence. Excellence in character and integrity, excellence in our every endeavour. Daniel had an excellent spirit. The Babylonians said of Daniel that he had the spirit of the gods. Oh my! Can that be said of me?

You buy oil and get oil from the oil press, the place of crushing, squeezing. This business goes beyond prayers. Prayer is good but we must submit our nature  to  God to squeeze out that foolishness out of us. That’s only when we can get oil. It takes an extra oil to keep a home, to stay in marriage. It takes extra oil to stay blessed. Getting blessed is one thing and staying blessed is altogether a different matter. The answer is the ‘extra oil’. It’s not all about being a virgin but getting the good of it. May God bless us! Amen!



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