Divine order in spiritual warfare Part 2

Today we want to look at the three kinds of army the Lord is preparing in this end time to carrying out His mandate.

Three Kinds Of Army

  1. The camp that fights one another
  2. People fairly disciplined but have some short falling
  3. Perfect order, not organized by man. They know the spirit, they know the word, they have only Christ as head. Here you have come unto the unity of faith Jh17. The gate to this kind is death to self (death of head knowledge)

We must retain the unity of the body. Using the example of David to communicate spiritual warfare – the throne of David began as a result of tragedy end of Saul. The spirit God will not sit on any throne of physical Jerusalem to administer to the earth (that’s head knowledge of understanding God’s word) rather our heart is his throne, he rules over men from that throne. IChron10:13– Saul’s problem began with the way he executed warfare, God is raising us as his army to conquer.

How was Saul’s reign?

ISam13:8- – acting in self-protection, Saul had the people scattered for fear of the enemy he was supposed to deal with. He began to break ranks. When a minister begins to explain what he does not know or attack another minster because he does not know nor understand that other minister it becomes a great concern. If Saul had died to self and allowed God to be in charge His kingdom would have been established. Verse 12 – when you have nothing to protect, no battle will be done on self-motive – self is a stranger to the house of God. It causes smoke to the house; we must be disciplined to wait on God so we can hear him. God is raising men who will wait on their ministry, each man must wait on his ministry and have matching order from the Lord. Example: if you don’t have a word in any fellowship, don’t share because you are visiting and you were offered microphone. The offering must be offering made by fire, an altar of burnt offering. It’s a many member body – every joint must supply. It is folly to move outside of the anointing. Despite the errors of David his heart was ever with the Lord. The Lord will help the church from such carnality because it’s a hindrance to the church at this end time move. As Joshua, we all must bow before the Lord Almighty at this life.

One of the things associated with judging is been sober. ISam15:1 the Lord had concluded to eliminate Amalek from under the earth and he sent his anointed Saul, rather Saul spared the king and the best. In spiritual warfare you don’t seek the honour of men but honour that comes from God. May we be spiritually equipped to carry out this great task before us in Jesus mighty name Amen.


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