Divine order in spiritual warfare part 1

God is building a people of power and a people of praise  that will match through this land by His Spirit and fill the divine mandate in this end time age.

In the light of this we want to look at the principles involves in carrying out this divine mandate or order in this spiritual warfare.

There are two dimensions of the Lord’s end time order:

  1. Divine order in spiritual warfare,
  2. Divine order in worship (tomorrow message).

The army of God will not break their ranks, i.e. God’s ministry super machines for the last day. They are more equipped than other armies of the world. The Lord of host is among them. Creation earnestly awaits for the manifestation of this army. God will cause a shifting away of man’s order to God’s order. This church coming forth can only be seen with the eye of faith. There is an awakening all over the world to cause them that sleep to awake and put on the armour of God for the important task at hand (Eph6:11). The greatest thing in God’s calendar is the collapse of the world system. The book of revelation is all about the judgment of the world system. Prophet Jeremiah talked about judgment of all nations. Mystery Babylon must collapse; the saints will enforce that judgment (this judgment is in a closed book). The men of now shall interpret, the interpreters are arising in this time. The Lord has armed his church with the key of David – this people are here. The Lord is asking them to take up their place. There are two judgments: one that comes from altar of incense and the one that comes from his throne. The men who stand in altar of incense, altar of prayer shall stand as this army. Multitude in the earth shall turn to God at this time.

The formation of the men that will be enlisted among the army of the Lord

The Lord asked for a sanctuary, the material came from the people for the building of the tabernacle which they came with from Egypt. They submitted in the work of the redemption (finished work of Christ) altar of incense was made from contributions of men. His ark is established by our being one with Him. For the full manifestation of this ark – one must be located within the body. I.e find his/her way with the body (proper relation with the body – attitudinal relationship) It is not geographic nor doctrinal (same belief), as long as there is unity of faith (death and resurrection of Jesus). This move of great armies of God is never a sect; it is raised up for the body of Christ. This is not another arm of the denominational. There is need for relationship with all that is within the body.

This great army must also work within the corporate man, Christ in his many member body. There is no self-centered motive among Gods army, they are generals who should understand divine order in warfare. Dysfunctional relationship with God and one another will disadvantage this army. Doing an idea with self in mind causes division, it shifts us from one body to dysfunctional relationship with the Lord. The lowest grade of spiritual army is men fighting themselves. God will deliver us from judgmental spirits for Gods servant especially when that fellow is carrying Gods anointing. Saying you are for Paul or Barabbas makes you carnal. One body is the highest grade of spiritual army – they have seamless relationship with one another. This will mark an end to the empire of the beast.

May we be spiritually equipped to carry out this great task before us in Jesus mighty name Amen.



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