Sure Word Of Prophecy

PROPHECY CONCERNING CHILDREN IN THE MIND OF GOD IN RELATION TO THE HARVEST WORK IS A SURE WORD OF PROPHECY.  It is a Supernatural Visitation (1986) By: Bro Francis Bisong. I was taken up to glory, the hand of the Lord was upon me, and i heard the heavens speaking with one voice (like the noise of many waters), saying “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it (Prov.22:6), when he shall say I have no pleasure in them” This was repeated several times over and continued for about the space of one hour. I was awake in an apparent open eye vision although caught up into the realm of glory. Towering over the heavens was the similitude of a mighty angel holding a child standing by his side having two keys in his hands. After a slight pause, the voice continued “Napoleon was a child when he received the keys to his worldwide dominion”. (Checking from historical records, Napoleon was enrolled in the French military school at the tender age of 10, and there received his inspiration for worldwide dominion) and the two commandments of Napoleon were given (the only part of the revelation I could not remember). The voice went on “70 years are gone (as at 1986) since Napoleon and the world is still suffering and reeling under the impact of his atrocities, and when it is a 100 years it shall be terrible for mankind”. It will be so terrible for mankind the Lord said “even my people will blame me for what will be going on in the world”. He remarked that he should not be blamed, as it is a harvest of that which had been sown. This harvest is meant to mature in a 100 years. “70 years are gone and 30 years more” said the voice. The key to ameliorate the condition and make life bearable for the world, I was told, is massive children evangelism from now on… Introducing children to Jesus so that they can be lined up with Christ… to free the world of the disastrous effects of such harvest. While I doubted in my mind if the experience was genuine, Matthew 19:14-15 was given to me. That became the key to confirming the experience, as I said to myself while still in the vision, if this scripture verse has nothing to do with the vision, then I will consider the experience not genuine and if otherwise, that would be my confirmation of its authenticity. When I came out of the vision, I checked up the scripture and confirmed that it was a word from God. *Note: The Napoleonic principles took effect on the earth approximately 70 years to 1986 in the events of the First World War (1914-1918) and the Communist Revolution in Russia (1917). These principles are rooted in man’s inordinate dominate to dominate another man, and lies at the root of all empire building from ancient to modern times. These principles transcend political systems and could manifest themselves through political leaders and nation states as ‘Unilateralism, Absolutism, Totalitarianism, Nationalism, Imperialism, etc. The first world war was framed around the then existing powers jostling for control and domination which left in its wake 17 million deaths and 20 million wounded after a bloody dance of four years. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia left 9 million dead. The Napoleonic wars were built around absolutism and imperialism and left an estimated 4 to 6 million deaths 17 between 1803 to 1815. The stage is set for the catastrophic collapse of the present world order with the military super powers of Russia and The U.S already engaged in a proxy war in the Middle East. This was kick started by the unilateral invasion of Iraq by The U.S. Other fault lines include the rise of Islamic fundamentalism rooted in a political ideology of Islamic domination of the global scene through the revival of the caliphate system, the crisis looming in the Korean peninsula threatening to burst any time soon at the seams, etc. The tipping point is at the corner and nuclear weapons will be freely used. But saviours will arise out of Zion to turn ungodliness from Jacob and prevent all flesh from being exterminated. This burden will be largely borne by the young people who will constitute the bulk of Jehovah’s freewill offering. Remain bless.  Shalom!


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