Do You Think Any Part Of The Law Has Been Put Away?

A lot of people do ask this question concerning the law that was instituted in the old testament, but i will draw our attention to it as we look closely in  the light of the Holy Spirit.

First of all, your view of the law will determine your view of sin. Many Christians believe that God legalized all sin; others believe that he legalized only certain sins, but upheld few- the Ten Commandments. Either view is what the bible calls a “lawless” attitude. No laws were repealed; but some did change form. No longer is it necessary to sacrifice a lamb at the temple to receive forgiveness of sin; we now present the lamb of God to the court as penalty for our came out of Jesus’ side at the cross. No longer do we need to go to temples of stone and timber for now God inhabits our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit. In each of these cases, we do not violate the law; we merely fulfill its requirements in a different and better manner.

As a general rule, the moral laws remained intact. Only the means of justification or purification from sin were altered. The things done in the tabernacle or temple were change, but all the laws dealing with our fellow men outside the tabernacle or temple have remained to define sin and make sin sinful. There is no unless there is a law to make it a crime.

This does not mean that anyone is obligated to obey the Jewish laws. Jewish law is Talmudic, rather than biblical. Talmudic law is what Jesus called “the tradition of men” (Mark. 7:8) or “the tradition of the elders” (Matt. 15:2). These were Jewish interpretations of the law which were not only incorrect, but they actually rendered God’s Law void. Jesus had harsh words for the Pharisees for putting away God’s law through their traditions.

Jewish laws do not necessarily define sin according to God’s law. The lawyers in Jesus day were doing then what many lawyers have always done. They search for loopholes to justify their clients or to benefit themselves. They often care little for the spirit of the law (the lawmaker’s intent and purpose for the law), but redefine the letter of the law to suit themselves. We have the same problem today all over the world. The constitution says one thing, but the lawyers and even the Supreme Court will reinterpreted it to suit their own views and benefit their clients. For example in  America, the separation of Church and state originally was intended to keep government off the backs of churches; now they say that it means churches cannot involve themselves in governmental matters or speak out against immoralities and injustices that have been legalized by lawmakers.

Jesus put away many Jewish interpretations because they made void the law of God. But Jesus never once put away God’s law. He knew the intent of the Law maker, and He gave his interpretation according to what his father intended from the beginning. I believe our further discussion on this topic will put us in a more satisfactory perspective.

The Lord bless you as we look forward to seeing you again as we forge ahead in His love. Shalom!


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